• Bata-Franchise

    the franchise you should not set your foot in!

  • The story behind Bata

    and their sale of the franchises around the World such as Norway, the Uk, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, and other parts of the World.


    which have all lost significant amounts because of Bata's mismanagement. In the last five years more or less all franchises had to close their stores.


    If you consider becoming a franchisee of Bata, read the story from former franchisees before you invest your money, time, and reputation in this so-called "Franchise".





    The Bata company is privately owned by Bata family through tax havens and trusts with the "Head office" in Bermuda wants to appear as a very social company through "Bata Children Program " does in reality do everything to avoid paying taxes. The family who live in luxury pays little and almost no tax through their company structure


    Navigator Trust Company (PVT) Limited Bermuda

    Registration Number

    Company no.: 26184



    As many as 4 different CEOs over the course of 5 years
    5 Different Franchise Directors over 5 years (everyone got fired)

    A constant and significant change of staff
    A franchisee received a completely different Store fitting than ordered


    A large number of former franchisees are left with significant financial losses due to very poor management and governance. They boast of the Bata children's program but in reality they have tricked their former franchisees while setting up empty mailbox companies around the world

    plus a number of other incidents at Bata Headquarters in Padova including insults to customers and sexual undertones and harassment.


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    Coming soon:   Former franchisees from Norway, the UK , Russia and other countries tell their story and experience, among other things about meetings with exhausted employees at Bata Head Office Europe in Padua, Italy.

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